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The Product

The Chatbot is a conversational channel that allows users to access real time data in a fast and spontaneous way through artificial intelligence. The bot is built using the latest technologies and can integrate with any data source. It offers full integration with both Enterprise and Express editions of Cisco’s Contact Center, it can also conduct data history queries on Cisco’s Unified Communication Manager. 

The Bot supports different messaging platforms (Facebook Messenger, Cisco Spark, Google Hangouts and Twitter), and provide REST API’s for additional integrations. It offers the ability to monitor all types of KPIs on-the-go, using AI and menu/or driven experience. IoT Bot is offered on the cloud, on premises or in hybrid modes. The engine can be hosted in any virtualized environment as long as the data is accessible using REST, database connectors or online services.

Smart Chat Bot
Collaboration SmartBot Chat Bot Data Consult
Collaboration SmartBot Chat Bot Data Consult
Collaboration SmartBot Chat Bot Data Consult
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Georges Salloum - Data Integration

Expert's Testimony

No customer service representative wants to answer the same question a hundred times a day. Analytics aren’t usually available on-the-go and if you’re leading an organization, you can’t afford to let either of those scenarios be the standard.

Our Chatbot solution provides a multi-channel stream of information right to your fingertips.