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Data Consult has been providing professional services for over 25 years, which enabled the company to proudly become one of the leading system integrators in the Mena region. Over the years Data Consult perfected its solution architecture service enabling clients to benefit from the expert advice of senior technology consultants that can offer clients solution designs that meet their specific budget and business needs. As Data Consult has been engaged in offering end-to-end system integration services, it boasts an unrivaled technical expertise in solution implementation, engagement management, and adoption services.

Data Consult’s main objective is to allow its clients to optimize its development investment, hence the creation of an engagement management department which sole purpose is to ensure that clients are receiving expert technical consultancy that caters to their own unique environment and growth plans. Knowing that every company needs to materialize and capitalize on its investments, Data Consult provides post implementation adoption services that ensure client’s resources are aligned with their growth strategies.

Data Consult Professional Services


Consulting Services

Get a clear understanding of user and customer needs to propose the appropriate solution ongoing with the client business challenges.

Solution Architecture

Solution Architecture

Map the client business requirements to systems/technical requirements.

solution architecture


Put the plan into action.

Interaction Management

Engagement Management

Optimize the interaction.

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Fadi Aoun - Consultancy & Professional Services Manager

Expert's Testimony

Nowadays, it is all about advising businesses on how best to use information technology to support their business outcomes. Design and implementation of the solution would be done later on. We at the Consulting and Professional Services team merge our technical expertise and a long journey experience to provide the solution that can bring customer money and value while solving their IT concerns.