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The Product

Today cities around the world are concerned with providing a sustainable and improved citizen experience.  Growing populations, scarce resources, climate change, socio-political factors, security threats are all factors that call for a creative and responsible approach to solving these issues.

With technology leading the way towards tangible positive changes, Data Consult has been diligently acquiring the right expertise in Internet of Things, Smart Infrastructures, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Data Visualization,  Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning coupled with its mastery of information technology, Smart Cities are becoming a reality.

Data Consult is proud to share its first achievement in this regards, in collaboration with Ogero and BeitMisk, we succeeded in creating the first prototype of a smart city in Lebanon.

This achievement is considered a major turning point in Lebanon. The fact that Data Consult was able to install, activate and start the analytical process in a relatively short period of time and with an affordable investment, has opened the road to other cities to follow suit.

From traffic control, to waste management, to decreasing pollution, the possibilities are endless and because this technology is scalable and secure, it can cater to bigger cities that would like to provide its residents with a modern and improved citizen experience.