Datafence Security Solution

A Strong Security Layer with Optimized Functionalities

Datafence From Data Consult

Dataconsult is offering a strong security layer based on OpenSource* technologies that we can constantly evolve and perfect without the need to impose exorbitant licence fees. Datafence is based on the most reliable and globally adopted security platforms delivering an enhanced perimeter security toolset to ensure first in line protection to your data and network.

Top Features of Datafence

– Firewall & VPN Gateway
– Intrusion Prevention
– Web Proxy, filtering, and categorization 
– Load Balancer
– Security Reporting & Analytics

Benefits of Datafence

We capitalized on our many years of experience and know-how to properly customize Datafence to meet company’s precise security requirements with a clear understanding of their pain points by offering:
– Proven reliability and validated security
– Lower hardware, software and renewal costs, no EOS/EOL
– No vendor lock-in, continuous evolution of the software and features
Most importantly Datafence is payable in your local currency.

Datafence Deployment Model

Datafence offers flexibility whether cloud virtual or on-premise
Datafence includes:
  • A security analytics platform that is used to store and visualize real-time and historical information about the firewall, VPN, Load balancer,  IPS  and web proxy;
  • A rule based Automation Engine.
Security Analytics
rule based automation
Rule based Automation

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