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A positive customer experience makes all the difference
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Customer experience has been identified as the single most important aspect in achieving success for companies in various industries.
To help companies distinguish their services, one of the key success contributors is developing various integration and automation tools to organize customer information, thus improving the overall customer perception, satisfaction, and commitment.
Data Consult provides an array of solutions to fit the specific needs of businesses. Each service is guaranteed to meet the exact measurement needs that a company needs to improve its brand loyalty.

  • KPI Management Portal
  • CRM & Service Management
  • Workforce Optimization
  • Speech Analytics
  • Customer Collaboration
  • Mobile Collaboration
  • Video Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Recording & Quality Monitoring
  • Unified Communication

Omni-channel Customer Experience

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Touma Kayal - Head of Collaboration

Expert's Testimony

Today’s business world is growing very fast and customer collaboration is becoming a must for each and every business. So here comes the Customer experience technology that empowers customer engagement through video conferencing solutions with sophisticated video conferences, chatting and content sharing.

Customer experience is a main boost for the contact center environment where the clients can interact with the agent not only by audio, but also using video technologies where the smart video communications and interactions come into the game.