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With technology leading our lives towards a smarter way of life, connecting the physical world to a digital platform has not only allowed our clients to see and measure business metrics in real time but has enabled them better decision making through smart insights and predictive analytics. We have developed several solutions that can integrate with different IT infrastructures, that will enable clients to take that step towards smart technology, smart resource management, and optimized efficiency.

Data Visualisation

We compile, simplify and present machine data in ways to facilitate performance measurement and decision making. 

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Key Focus Areas Include

Visualisation Dashboards

KPI Monitoring

Machine Data

Tracking technology adoption


Internet of Things

We provide Internet of Things Services that can be applied to any industry, building Smart Applications that can learn from streams of data in motion or data at rest.

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Key Focus Areas Include


Smart Cities

Customized Applications

Data Collection & Correlation

Machine Learning

Customer Experience

We have developed our own set of tools that enrich the digital engagement between an organization and its customers. 

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Key Focus Areas Include

Enriching Customer Engagement Applications and Systems


Customer Relationship Management

Service Management

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Georges Salloum - Data Integration

Expert's Testimony

The Data Integration team understands the context of every technical requirement, builds solutions using the “latest and greatest” technologies available and leverages the capabilities of software as instruments to find answers.