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The Product

The Contact Center Dashboard improves the visibility of critical business metrics, providing customer care managers with the right information on-premise or on the go in order to identify trends, detect patterns, and set the right Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This real-time data can be accessed through a dashboard and/or via a chatbot that supports different messaging platforms (Facebook Messenger, Cisco Spark, Google Hangouts and Twitter) using artificial intelligence and a menu-driven experience. The solution is built using latest open source web technologies and offers full integration with both express and enterprise editions of Cisco contact center.

The Features

  • Service level real-time monitoring
  • Values and widgets tailored to the business needs
  • Customizable Color Coded infolets: optimized for busy Call Center environments (know your status at a glance)
  • Customizable Refresh Rates for Historical Data: Keep your CPU Level under control
  • Out of the box team performance KPI’s (average time to answer, number of calls in each queue, number of available agents etc.)
  • Customizable Dashboards, providing a deeper visibility of every call Queue
  • Developed using html5, the dashboard is responsive and adapts to any screen size: mobile, tablet, PC, LED wallboard etc.
  • OS Agnostic Can be deployed in any environment
  • Provides Full encryption of Confidential Data
  • Supports https to provide maximum security when published over the web
  • Supports domain authentication (access to the dashboard can be fully controlled by your IT administrator)