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Data Consult Transforms Service Delivery and Customer Experience with Oracle

Data Consult Automates Incident Detection and Management by integrating Oracle Service Cloud Data Consult is a technology services company, headquartered in Beirut, with presence in the Levant and Saudi Arabia. The company provides managed services in different technologies. Its customers span most industry verticals and require specialized solutions for service provider networks, contact centers and...
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A smart urbanization in Lebanon that focuses on ensuring air quality

BeitMisk is a private community located twenty minutes from Beirut (Lebanon) thought to be self-sufficient and ecological, and pays special attention to the quality of the air breathed by its inhabitants and is controlled in real time through a system of sensors that send the information to a digital platform to whose information both the...
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American University of Beirut: Digital transformation with the student at heart

By DALE BENTON Through a five-year digital transformation plan, the American University of Beirut is redefining its entire IT infrastructure with the ultimate goal of enriching the lives of its students The role of the CIO is evolving. IT has traditionally been viewed as operating almost as a separate entity when placed within the wider context...
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Who is going to win the SDN battle?

On April 28th 2015, Interop named as Best of Interop 2015 SDN Winner, “Cisco – Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC) for Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure”.  For more info, here is a video presentation of Cisco APIC by their director of product management. The three SDN finalists were: Big Switch Networks – Big Cloud Fabric 2.5 Cisco –...
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Your Homemade Infrastructure

The idea of Open Compute Project has been adopted years before it went public. High-tech companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook build their own data centers from commodity components. But in 2011, Facebook decided to take this backstage process to the public in order to benefit from the suggestions that would help in enhancing their...
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