Data Consult Transforms Service Delivery and Customer Experience with Oracle

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Data Consult Transforms Service Delivery and Customer Experience with Oracle

Data Consult Automates Incident Detection and Management by integrating Oracle Service Cloud

Data Consult is a technology services company, headquartered in Beirut, with presence in the Levant and Saudi Arabia. The company provides managed services in different technologies. Its customers span most industry verticals and require specialized solutions for service provider networks, contact centers and collaboration, cybersecurity, cloud, and Internet of Things (IoT).
Previously, Data Consult ran an on-premises customer service platform requiring tedious customization and maintenance for basic functionalities, such as workflow rules or custom reporting. The company began looking for a proactive, cloud-based system that would better integrate with its customers’ workflows and provide a platform for enhanced services on mobile and integration with other tools.


  • Automate the detection and filtering of events that trigger incidents requiring field services intervention, providing more proactive managed services to technology customers in the Middle East
  • Equip service technicians with mobile applications to log the field activities attached to the customer engagement
  • Free staff from the laborious work of systems administration and troubleshooting by moving from on-premises to a cloud-based customer service solution
  • Provide staff with reporting and analytics capabilities to gain insights on the efficiency of managed services
  • Streamline the company’s service delivery model based on reports and insights



  • Provided a superior customer experience for managed services customers and their clients by automating workflows with the infrastructure monitoring platforms, gaining the ability to automatically detect and filter events requiring immediate intervention and reducing inbound calls
  • Harnessed the APIs of Oracle Service Cloud to develop third-party integrations to mobile apps, customer portals, analytic interfaces, and dashboards and improved the overall customer experience through increased service offerings
  • Empowered executives with greater understanding of customer experiences by using the Oracle Service Cloud APIs to create dashboards for reporting and analytics, generating meaningful insights with which to measure the success of the company’s managed services delivery model
  • Simplified the service delivery model by equipping field engineers with mobile apps, enabling them to file reports from customer sites, record Global Positioning System (GPS) locations and post images and videos through the API interfaces of Oracle Service Cloud
  • Streamlined customer service by linking agents and customers through a bidirectional web portal and an advanced notification system creating synchronized visibility on open incident status enabled by integrating the case management system with Oracle Service Cloud and avoiding the time-consuming, office-bound procedures of the past
  • Facilitated case management by using chatbots, such as Facebook Messenger, to notify customers of service request status and sharing data on incidents and dispatched engineers, eliminating each customer’s need to install separate Oracle Service Cloud instances
  • Alleviated the workload of engineers from administration of upgrades, allowing them to spend more time planning, designing, implementing, operating, and optimizing managed services


Data Consult deployed Oracle Service Cloud by migrating records from an on-premises system, implementing workflows, designing third party application integrations, and leaving Oracle to handle the software, infrastructure, administration, and upgrades. Data Consult facilitated adoption throughout the organization by developing mobile applications and portals for field service employees and managers who analyze requests for the tracking of key performance indicators.
Once the managed services center adopted the tool, the organization began taking advantage of the new features that enhance the customer experience, simplify the service delivery model, and extract insights, leading to improved business outcomes. Digitizing the service management process was an important element of the business transformation journey.

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