A smart urbanization in Lebanon that focuses on ensuring air quality

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A smart urbanization in Lebanon that focuses on ensuring air quality

BeitMisk is a private community located twenty minutes from Beirut (Lebanon) thought to be self-sufficient and ecological, and pays special attention to the quality of the air breathed by its inhabitants and is controlled in real time through a system of sensors that send the information to a digital platform to whose information both the administration of the urbanization and the inhabitants of this community have access.

The Lebanese company Data Consult and the Spanish Libelium have developed the system that includes the digitalization of the physical elements of the city, adding a layer of automatic learning and artificial intelligence to offer information on data and predictive analysis. Through a network of sensors, the environmental and air quality values ​​are monitored.

Easily viewable sensor and data network

They have been installed throughout the residential area to give more knowledge of the environment, providing users the possibility to know when is the best time of day for children to play abroad or when is a good time to go out to exercise. The nodes measure the parameters of temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure, carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), sulfur dioxide (SO2). ozone (O3) and particulate pollutants PM1, PM2.5, PM10.

The nodes use the LoRaWAN communication protocol to send the information to the LoRaWAN gateways that are part of the Ogero Telecom deployment for the national network for the Internet of Things (IoT, for its acronym in English). The gateways are linked to Google’s cloud, from where the information is sent to the platform and servers developed by Data Consult, where information is collected, processed and reflected. In this process we also add a layer of artificial intelligence that performs predictive analyzes that help the decision-making processes.

BeitMisk hosts concerts, film festivals and other social activities. For the management of the urbanization, all the information offered by the system, allows them to plan better activities, projects or constructions without increasing pollution levels.

This deployment allows both the inhabitants and the administration of urbanization to connect with their city through intuitive communication tools, saving resources and enjoying a unique experience for users. The different users can access the information through the interface, in three different ways depending on the consumer. The managers of the urbanization, through the “web dashboard”; the neighbors, through the mobile application and connecting the automatic bot through chat.


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